Sunday, May 01, 2005

April 30, 2005 Joe Vig pre-Birthday party

5:55 PM Last Train To Clarksville The Monkees
Listen To The Music The Doobie Brothers

Trax of The Town

99 Red Balloons Angry Salad
Loverman Donnie Noise Project
Dancing In The LIght Entrain
Interview with Satch Kerans 6:15 PM

Elliot Street Satch Kerans
When Push Comes To Shove Satch Kerans

Happy Birthday (Live)
performed by Satch Kerans, Doug Mascott, Kid Fazoula, Ernie Lang, Dan the Man

I'll Follow You Forever Satch Kerans (Live)
Psychedelic World Satch Kerans (Live)

I'm Gone Satch Kerans
Well Traveled Man Satch Kerans
You Got Your Mind Made Up Satch Kerans

Star Spangled Banner Beyonce

Ernie Lang Sports Report, Dan The Man Concert Report

Cheap Dime Store Hoods Satch Kerans Live on WNSH

Raven Haired Girl - Satch Kerans
Stronger Backs - Mary Gatchell
Indigo Rose - Mary Gatchell

DEATH BY FAME interview
Lost Cause - Death By Fame
Make It Sexy - Death By Fame
Solo - Death By Fame

Trax of the Towns was followed by Antonio Guarino who played

Mary Gatchell
Ingrid Saxon - both produced by Peter Calo

Playlist for May 1 forthcoming

Mary Gatchell interview

airplay for Mary Gatchell and Satch Kerans


John Denley Live on WNSH AM 1570

Playlist Saturday April 23, 2005

King Of Rats Neighborhoods
Can't Fool Me Tootsie
From Nashville To Boston John Denley
I Don't Want To Be John Denley
I Found You John Denley

John Denley interview on WNSH AM 1570

God Bless The U.S.A. Lee Greenwood
Star Spangled Banner Kiss
Punky Brewster Theme Headline
Sports report with instrumental of
Transporter Joe Viglione

Transporter is the backing music for the Sports Report

Crow Song Tokyo Tramps

Jennifer Tobiasz Interview


Doug Played JULES ELLISON'S CD in its ENTIRETY onWMWM, Salem
and many tracks from Satch Kerans ELLIOT STREET.
WMWM 91.7 FM

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