Sunday, April 30, 2006

WNSH April 29, 2006 WMWM April 20, 2006

PLAYLIST Sunday Morning 9 AM - Noon WMWM Salem

1)P.J. Shapiro - "I Know What You're Made Of"
2)Crumble - "Begniing Of The End"
3)Morning Windows - "Furnished Souls For Rent"
4)Fallow - "Pacifier"
5)Let's Greenfield - "Futurama"
6)Bronson Arroyo - "Down In A Hole"
7)AMUM-RA - "Family Portrait"
8)Cherry ST- "Burning Memories"
9)Cherry ST - "Feel My Words"
10)Joe Viglione - "There's Nothing Like A Hit"
11)Spike Emerson Society - "Beautiful Picture"
12)Squiddly Diddly - "Death"
13)Minus Mike - "Secret Agent Man"
14)Snake Oil Jugband - "Up On Cripple Creek"
15)McCarthy's Finger - "4 to O"
16)Paul Hultman - "Vision Of Rock & Roll"
17)Vicarious George - "Try Again" from Overcast Skies CD
18)Jake Hensley


20)Paul Hultman - "Donde Este La Fiesta" (Where's The Party en espanol)
21)Spike Emerson Society - Riot Girls
22)Elijah Wyman - "My Blood Will Cry Out"
23)Joe Viglione - "Secret Things"
24)Cherry ST - "On Top Of The World"
25)Bad Mix - "Love To Hatecha Blues"
26)Synterisis - "Untitled"
27)Nuno Betancourt - "Controversey"
28)All In - "#1"
29)Green Heads - "Institution Blues"
30)All In - "Leap Of Faith"
31)Mr Emeerson - "Spackle"

Engineered by Brody (Jason Paul)
Show Producer D.J. Tragic (Jeff Hawland)

Host - Doug Mascott

In Studio guest - Joe Viglione

PLAYLIST WNSH AM 1570 6 PM - 8 PM Saturday April 28, 2006

1)Andy Pratt "I'm Alright"
2)Boston Horns "It's In Your Face"
3)Fuzz Den "Wake Up"
4)Two Ton Shoe "Medicine"
5)Bad Mix "Bad Mix"
6)Porn Theater Ushers "Blah Blah Blah"
7)Angry Salad "99 Red Balloons"
8)The Mystery Tramps "Giving Me Ideas"
9)The Mystery Tramps "Passed Out (On The Floor)
10)My Sister Will - "She Bop"
11)Johnny A. - "Oh Yeah"
12)Machinery Hall "Wearily"
13)Hipnotiq - "Miranda Party"
14)One Big Mess - "Plump"
15)Cactus Patch - "Everyting You Need (Hey Babe)"
16)Ball In The House - "Scared"
17)Country Mile - "Old Tyme Country"
18)The Push Stars - "Hanging By A Thread"
19)Elijah Wyman - "Why We Never Go Swimming"
20)Grateful Ted - "Don't Burn The Witch"
21)Limegreen - "Delicious"

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